Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Chris Kanakis on El Rey Network's new reality show "Cutting Crew" Greece Haircut (updated post)

Chris Kanakis on the season finale (episode 8) of the El Rey Network's reality show Cutting Crew while he gets a GREECE HAIRCUT on this barber reality program. 1st Greek in history to officially get a real "greece haircut" and show pride like that!!


Some Stills: click image to enlarge!

I want to make this section a little THANKYOU to the following media

~Domino Publicity: published the tweet on their Greece online newspaper May 2nd

~Harry Theoharis: political head in Greece was nice enough to retweet it to his 15.3 thousand followers.

~ Δημήτρης Γιατζόγλου/Giatzoglou Dimitris:  a Journalist in Greece retweeted it to his over 14 thousand followers. He also Favorited it as well

~ https://twitter.com/AthanassiouJ aka JDA: a UK greek Jouranlist retweeted it. Heck there are greeks in the UK too that need to know about this

~http://www.capital.gr Greek newspaper Favorited the tweet which also published it on their homepage section for their favorite tweets. Every time they favorite a new tweet on their twitter account it appears in that section on their website as well.

~the Tribune Chronicle for publishing an article on me in the show in their May 21st 2015 edition (this is a major NE-Ohio newspaper)