Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chris Kanakis on set of For Love of a Fish

the original SWOLE CHRIS with those Blue-Green eyes and Dimples showing of his lighter side (ironically) after being on set ~2 overnight shoot days in a row~ for the indy short FOR LOVE OF A FISH. A short film in part of a Soldier Suicide Awareness Campaign. Even though the participation was just for some pick up reshoots... it was nice to get booked for the gig and be involved in a project with such and important message! and FYI THIS IS NOT A SELFIE (those are getting obnoxious);0) It was taken by a fellow actor on set who is also a special effects makeup artist. Click to enlarge image

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

You Didn't Think I'd Comeback This Hard - "All That?" Part 2 Chris Kanakis

 NOTE: if having trouble playing the vid... try going to the direct link to the video and clicking the 640x480 option under it. And as always.... ENJOY THE SHOW

You Didn't Think I'd Comeback This Hard - All That? Part 2 Chris Kanakis
LMAO cause you thought it was ova.... well IT AINT OVA FOOLS! "You Didn't Think I'd Comeback This Hard" is the encore photo shoot video collection with even more thought provoking imagery to the now viral Chris Kanakis "All That?" 2013 dance - photo shoot containing new never before seen inedits from the Chris Kanakis "All That? ERA. The "All That?" photo shoot currently has over 83 thousand views, has been viewed in over 144 different countries worldwide and was also tweeted by MMA fighter/professional wrestler Josh 'The Warmaster' Barnett (who currently competes in the Heavyweight division of the UFC where he is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion) to his over 58,000 followers.The tweet can be found on this blog. some of the new Photos individually : Click to enlarge