Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Chris Kanakis goes VIRAL!!

The new promotional Chris Kanakis "All That?" 2013 dance - photo shoot goes viral topping over 77,000 views on youtube this month and has been viewed in 148 total different countries worldwide... displaying once again that this GREEK-AMERICAN is marketable and has the ability to attract an audience. 
Marketability + Audience Drawing Power = greater exposure and revenue for your production!!

Recently in 2013 the photo shoot was tweeted by MMA fighter/professional wrestler Josh 'The Warmaster' Barnett (who currently competes in the Heavyweight division of the UFC where he is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion) to his over 58,000 followers telling Renato Laranja that he "aint all that". It probably helps that the "American Pride" t-shirt worn in the video is a MMA fighter shirt designed by mixed martial artist Tito Ortiz!