Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chris Kanakis 2nd LEADing role on Discovery Channel (ID) "Nightmare Next Door"

(Proof of Works)*Portfolio/Resume of Chris Kanakis (SAG-E)

The Chris Kanakis segments displaying his proof of work in a edgy new role as a lead character Roland in "Nightmare Next Door" on the Investigation Discovery Network (part of the Discovery Channel)! 2nd leading role!!! Chris Kanakis was also the hand-double in this episode (Newlywed Nightmare)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chris Kanakis: Promo Model / Brand Ambassador / Event Assistant 2012

These 2 fun rare little photos of Chris Kanakis in Purple (taken really quickly right before the party guests were walking in the door) while assisting at an event gig

Chris Kanakis having fun working as a Brand Ambassador/Promo Model at an Expo. Summer 2012
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panoramic view:

crop view:

Also at the event Chris Kanakis ran into the multifaceted onsite photographer who was nice enough to do a candid impromptu mini photo-shoot outside. Here is one of the photos that I like to call a "professional candid". Just imagine the results if it would have been a planned and full photo shoot!! Great JOB!!!