Sunday, May 2, 2010

Media Resume/Portfolio: CHRIS KANAKIS

Media Resume:

Production Assistant:

- NBC "Biggest Loser" Duluth auditions
- NBC "Identity" Atlanta auditions
- American Idol Atlanta auditions
- Hamilton E. Holmes MARTA Emergency Response Drill
- "The Karate Kid Challenge" DC/MD auditions (for
the 2010 listed film "The Karate Kid")
- LFL ( Legends Football League ) filmed game day PA for the
Baltimore Charm vs. Jacksonville Breeze game
- Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures Aftershocks" 2014 Gettysburg Orphanage scenes
-2015 USA Team Handball Club National Championships UTZ Arena (ran video camera)
-Wheel of Fortune’s “Wheelmobile Tour” casting call Hunt Valley, MD event

- "Revenge Of The Nerds"(2006)"stand-in
- "Who Do You Love” aka “Chess”- ft. core swing dancer '08
- "Final Destination (4): Death Trip 3D"- featured (chroma key)
- "12 Rounds"
- "Hurricane Season" aka “Patriots”
- "We Are Marshall"
- "One Missed Call"
- "Daddy's Little Girl"
- "Motives 2"
- "Nailed"
- "Why Did I Get Married"
- "9-ball the movie"
- "Mais Que Re-tue Pamela Rose" (FRENCH film by Kad Merad)

- Invacare- extra '02
- Pegasus Solutions (spec)- Principal role of "Dallas B."
- Nascar/Earnheart Jr.- through SAG
- Noggin/Nick Jr.- featured office worker
- Mastercard/TNT "Late Drama" '06
- Mastercard/TNT "Late Drama" '07
- ChaseTNT - "ChangeOfPlans"
- Parker Young Construction
- Jeep
- ECPI College of Technology
- "We Care" Political Ad produced by Some Nerve Productions

-  Pink Beetle online commercial

- "Ghost Adventures Aftershocks" stand-in
- the "Cutting Crew" reality show as himself for El Rey Network LEAD ROLE in episode
- "Nightmare Next Door" ep.202 Investigation Discovery Channel LEAD ROLE as JASON
- "Nightmare Next Door" ep.215 Investigation Discovery Channel LEAD ROLE as ROLAND
-  "Nightmare Next Door" Death in Daytona episode
- Warren Student Communication Network- comedic news anchor
- "Harding Highlights"-news anchor
- "October Road"
- MTV's "Yo Mamma"
- Sugarland "Settlin" music video
 Tyler Perry's "House of Payne"
- "Family Court With Judge Penny"(Pilot) Principal/divorcing role
- "Roger's Odyssey" (webisode)- extra
- "Hitched or Ditched" '09 couples reality show(CW)- stand-in
- "One Tree Hill"
- "American Occult" (Pilot: M 2 Pictures) ft. Crime Scene Investigator
- "Unanswered Prayers" (Lifetime TV Movie) ft. Construction Worker
- "Game Change" (HBO TV Movie)
- "Men Who Built America" History Channel mini-series
- "American Genius" ('14)
- "Racing the Times" for MPT and the Maryland Historical Society

The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast episode: 20 - Guest Host (radio)

- American College of Chest Physicians (Live Ultrasound Model)
- GE Healthcare (Live Ultrasound Model)
- Sonosite (Live Ultrasound Model @ EMS Today event)
- Northwest Anesthesia Seminars (Live Ultrasound Model)
- All About You (Mag) fashion show '98 @ Eastwood Mall
- Coors Light -
- AT&T
- '09 photographer Ron Ollis
- FOX5-DC News morning show (and website) w/ Holly Morris
- Halloween Adventure (modeling & Dancing as MC HAMMER/Batman/Robin Hood on Fox5-DC)
- Payne, Ross & Associates Agency print work for "Culpeper Wood Preservers"

- Independent Tribune (February 6, 2009) Interview
- Southern Screen Report (July 18, 2006) Interview w/photo
- Tribune Chronicle (November 28th, 1987)COVER photo
- Tribune Chronicle (October 30, 1987) Photo
- Tribune Chronicle (July 29, 1988) Photo
- Tribune Chronicle (Spring 1989) Photo
- The Review Newspapers (May 30, 2005) Photo (as character w/ name mentioned)
- Tribune Chronicle (May 21st, 2015) Article about Chris Kanakis being on "Cutting Crew"

- "VA Interrogation" (Military Training Video)

- IARPA (Gov. Training video)
- speaking part in an eLearning Course video produced by Chesapeake Technology Group
- "For love of a Fish" nonprofit short film
- Clutch "industrial commercial"
- "Cold War Case Study"(internal gov. film) produced by Nine Yards Media

- Army training video for sexual harassment

- Harrisburg Police training video - 2 Leading roles

- TV News Anchoring- WSCN for Harding High/Trumbull County
- TV News Production- WSCN for Harding High/Trumbull County
- Modeling classes- Barbizon
- BA in Communication Studies- Kent State University
- Dance class- Kent State University
- Theatre/Acting class- Kent State University
- Swing Dance training/rehearsals- film "Who Do You Love”

*Promotions/Marketing highlights (2006-2015)
- Dole “Sparklers”
- Shout
- Atlanta Journal-Constitution
- mtvU
- Full Throttle
- Coca-Cola (Spanish event)
- Bush's Baked Beans
- Unleashed by Petco
- Walmart
- Sam's Club National BBQ Tour 2012-2015
- Team Bonding events
- Justin Bieber's "Girlfriend" Perfume
- Farmer's Garden By Vlasic
- Hostess
- Johnny Rockets


 Chris Kanakis "WhosZoominWho" Dance- Photo Shoot 2017 

Chris Kanakis "All That?" 2013 dance - photo shoot (VIRAL VIDEO)

You Didn't Think I'd Comeback This Hard - "All That?" Part 2 Chris Kanakis

Chris Kanakis - Ur Cool dance video (All That? photo shoot edit)

*Chris Kanakis on Cutting Crew for El Rey Network - Greece haircut

The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast ep:20 with guest Host Chris Kanakis

LEAD-1 Discovery Channel (ID) Nightmare Next Door ( Chris Kanakis ) The Lady Killer episode

LEAD-2 Discovery Channel (ID) Nightmare Next Door ( Chris Kanakis ) The Newlywed Nightmare episode

MC Hammer FOX5-DC news Pt.1of3 Halloween costumes CHRIS KANAKIS & Holly Morris

Batman FOX5-DC news Pt.2of3 Halloween costumes CHRIS KANAKIS & Holly Morris

ROBIN HOOD FOX5-DC news Pt.3of3 Halloween costumes CHRIS KANAKIS & Holly Morris

Chris Kanakis Speaking in e-Learning Course Video HD

"Unanswered Prayers" Lifetime Portfolio/Resume of Chris Kanakis

Chris Kanakis age 16 in WSCN Lip Sync '98 Promo

Chris Kanakis on/in Tribune Chronicle COVER & Features 1980's

Nightmare Next Door - "Death in Daytona" Chris Kanakis Club cut

Chris Kanakis in MTA If You See Something, Say Something PSA 2013

Chris Kanakis on The Men Who Built America - History Channel

CHRIS KANAKIS in Noggin / Nick Jr. PROMO "If life were more like preschool" - Naptime

Chris Kanakis in a TNT's "MiniDrama" commercial

CHRIS KANAKIS on the CW "Hitched or Ditched"

CHRIS KANAKIS on MTV's "YO MAMMA" Atlanta-episodes

Young, Gifted & Greek Chris Kanakis 2009 photo session

CHRIS KANAKIS ReMixeD ft. Selena "Sensitivity" Young, Gifted & Greek pt.2

Chris Kanakis on American Genius-wright bros ep. National Geographic


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