Sunday, March 27, 2016

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 tribute by Chris Kanakis

To celebrate "my big fat greek wedding 2" in theaters Greek pride at the gym

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Chris Kanakis #WinningDuh


Rare pics of Chris Kanakis back in the day winning awards for work done in both sales AND entertainment categories. No matter what the job/gig is ... Kanakis got this!

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Chris Kanakis at ceremony WINNING his second award for #1 salesman on his shift at MCIWorldcom in 2001. Out of the 2 years he was employed at MCIWorldcom... there were 4 "clubs" awards and he was #1 for 2 of them!

Chris Kanakis in 1999 WINNING his 1st of 2 awards while on WSCN (Warren Student Communication Network). This was the "most creative new anchor" award.

Chris Kanakis having fun at an old time photo studio on Hollywood Boulevard while on a trip to Hollywood, California in 1999. Although he made the decision to go back home...finish high school and go to college... he promised Hollywood he'd be back one day when the time was right. This is the ONLY photo that made it back with him from his trip. He unfortunately left his camera behind leaving mostly nothing but memories and destinies to be determined. Only time will tell if his promise to the City of Dreams will ever be fulfilled.