Monday, December 17, 2012

IT'S A KANAK-A-THON on Investigation Discovery (ID) Network

The 2 different leading roles Chris Kanakis had on Nightmare Next Door for the ID Network are both slated to re-air back to back January 2nd at 4 and 5 pm. It has been verified with ID over the phone and now via both ID's and TvGuide's websites...

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You can also check out the..Chris Kanakis scenes the portfolio/resume videos as well so you have a heads up!!

Series: Nightmare Next Door
Channel: Investigation Discovery(ID)Network 
1st show title: The Lady Killer (airs @ 4PM)
2nd show title: Newlywed Nightmare (airs @ 5pm)

The Lady killer Chris Kanakis scenes

Newlywed Nightmare Chris Kanakis scenes

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