Monday, December 17, 2012

IT'S A KANAK-A-THON on Investigation Discovery (ID) Network

The 2 different leading roles Chris Kanakis had on Nightmare Next Door for the ID Network are both slated to re-air back to back January 2nd at 4 and 5 pm. It has been verified with ID over the phone and now via both ID's and TvGuide's websites...

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You can also check out the..Chris Kanakis scenes the portfolio/resume videos as well so you have a heads up!!

Series: Nightmare Next Door
Channel: Investigation Discovery(ID)Network 
1st show title: The Lady Killer (airs @ 4PM)
2nd show title: Newlywed Nightmare (airs @ 5pm)

The Lady killer Chris Kanakis scenes

Newlywed Nightmare Chris Kanakis scenes

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chris Kanakis Speaking in e-Learning Course Video HD

Chris Kanakis SPEAKING as an engineer office worker in clips that were part of an eLearning Course produced for content provided by Chesapeake Technology Group. The 2 cartoon versions were the versions submitted for the client to choose from which scene they liked better.. the outside version or the inside version. The Non-cartoon version was given to add to this portfolio video compilation!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chris Kanakis LEG(parts) Model on Culpeper Wood Preservers Catalogue Cover!

1st gig for Chris Kanakis as a (Parts) Leg Model. Here his legs can be seen on the COVER of the new Culpeper Wood Preservers Catalogue! He was also photographed for a proposed feature spot (in lieu of leg model for the shoot) in the issue and an inedit photo from that series can be seen below as well!!

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Crop shot

Inedit feature photo

*BONUS PHOTO (click image to enlarge)

Chris Kanakis in between sets at the GYM!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chris Kanakis 2nd LEADing role on Discovery Channel (ID) "Nightmare Next Door"

(Proof of Works)*Portfolio/Resume of Chris Kanakis (SAG-E)

The Chris Kanakis segments displaying his proof of work in a edgy new role as a lead character Roland in "Nightmare Next Door" on the Investigation Discovery Network (part of the Discovery Channel)! 2nd leading role!!! Chris Kanakis was also the hand-double in this episode (Newlywed Nightmare)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chris Kanakis: Promo Model / Brand Ambassador / Event Assistant 2012

These 2 fun rare little photos of Chris Kanakis in Purple (taken really quickly right before the party guests were walking in the door) while assisting at an event gig

Chris Kanakis having fun working as a Brand Ambassador/Promo Model at an Expo. Summer 2012
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panoramic view:

crop view:

Also at the event Chris Kanakis ran into the multifaceted onsite photographer who was nice enough to do a candid impromptu mini photo-shoot outside. Here is one of the photos that I like to call a "professional candid". Just imagine the results if it would have been a planned and full photo shoot!! Great JOB!!!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

huh, Chris Kanakis working for Justin Bieber?

Another photo of Chris Kanakis working as a Brand Ambassador/Promo Model in 2012... here he is having fun with the larger than life stand-up of the Bieb working as a Brand Ambassador for Justin Bieber's new all profits to charity perfume "Girlfriend". He was the ONLY promo-model booked to work that location on that day. MANY THANKS to JB for giving back to charity AND the economy as well by hiring BA's (like Chris Kanakis) ...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chris Kanakis: LEAD on Investigation Discovery Network's "Nightmare Next Door"

Portfolio/Resume of Chris Kanakis (SAG-E)

The Chris Kanakis segments displaying his work as a lead character JASON in "Nightmare Next Door" on the Investigation Discovery Network (part of the Discovery Channel)! Also, a GREAT music video for Joey Lawrence's new song ROLLED

Some Stills: Click to enlarge